Public Sector


Help Students Shine

OpTerra brings sustainable energy technology to schools and turns classrooms into Living Labs. Students are enriched in STEM education while districts benefit from modernized buildings and substantial energy savings.

STEM Labs Brighten the Future

Nuview Union School District

“Saving on energy costs is important, and seeing solar panels outside our schools is exciting. But we wanted to make solar science come alive in the classroom. OpTerra helped us make this happen.”

David Pyle

Superintendent of Nuview Union School District

Whole Systems Thinking

Providing a thriving learning environment for your students requires foresight, strategy, and vigilance. Using energy as a starting point, programs that generate savings can provide impactful solutions to address your most critical challenges.

Keep Students Engaged

Our hands-on energy education programs bring STEM subjects to life with real industry applications that inspire students and help prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Improve the Learning Environment

Optimizing light levels, acoustics, temperature, and air quality allows students and teachers to focus on what matters most – learning.

Promote Sustainability

Our programs reach beyond energy solutions to integrate conservation, technology, and sustainability efforts into learning opportunities.

Be Recognized

We celebrate your accomplishments and leadership, and help ensure that the community will recognize your successes too.

Involve the Community

We mobilize local resources and provide avenues for students, parents, teachers, and community stakeholders to stay involved.

Save Money

Through financing expertise, school modernization, and infrastructure improvements, our programs generate savings to fund what’s most important to you.

Capture Funding

Our large network of specialists is dedicated to capturing grants, incentives, and rebates to help stretch your dollars further.