Public Sector

Higher Education

Save Millions

More than 100 universities have partnered with OpTerra to design and deliver energy programs that free up millions for campus initiatives that support student success.

Emissions Down, Cash Flow Up

University of Utah

University of Utah President, Michael Young, dedicating the new, energy efficiency upgrades.

“From the start, OpTerra was a true partner and always put the University’s needs first.”                  

Orfeo A. Kostrencich

Associate Director, Plant Operations

Whole Systems Thinking

Our strategies to reduce operating and capital expenses reach beyond energy. Through financing expertise, school modernization, and infrastructure improvements, we help generate savings to fund what’s most important to you.

Keep Students Engaged

Model a sustainable future and show students how to build one through hands-on interaction with the energy technology.

Drive Workforce Development

Uncover clear paths to future careers through mentorships, hands-on work experience, and exposure to emerging technologies.

Improve the Learning Environment

Optimize performance in terms of cost, productivity, and student experience across all types of buildings.

Promote Sustainability

Partner to actively change attitudes, behaviors, and actions in order to produce meaningful impact.

Be Recognized

Publicize your success and attract positive press through community strategies that are included with the energy program.

Engage the Community

Mobilize local resources and provide avenues for students, staff, leadership, and community stakeholders to grow and sustain networks.

Save Money

Generate savings through financing expertise, campus modernization, and infrastructure improvements.

Capture Funding

With a large network of grant specialists and resourceful whole systems thinkers, capturing funding becomes less daunting.