Public Sector

Local Government

Energize Communities

Civic leaders work with OpTerra to provide the best sustainable energy technology for their communities. Inside and out, public spaces are made safer, greener, and more inviting for residents and businesses, often with guaranteed savings and no up-front costs.

Safe and Sound, Sustainable and Soaring

City of Livermore

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for the city to demonstrate its continuing commitment to both local business and taxpayers, who count on us to maximize every dollar.”

Marc Roberts

City Manager

Whole Systems Thinking

By working collaboratively across our organization and yours, ideas are connected and possibilities found that would otherwise be missed. Ultimately, this approach generates solutions that provide your city with the greatest long term impact.

Drive Workforce Development

Workforce development bridges gaps between vocational readiness and opportunity. Setting your citizens up for success in the job market creates a virtuous cycle of economic prosperity for your community.

Strengthen City Services

Making sure programs run more efficiently and effectively helps lower costs and improve citizen satisfaction.

Promote Sustainability

Through renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability efforts, we can meet your climate action plan goals and provide a platform for continued progress.

Be Recognized

We celebrate your accomplishments and leadership, and ensure that parents and the community will recognize it too.

Engage the Community

Modern outreach allows for quicker communication, and more robust dialogue. Stakeholder feedback can drive actions and help navigate towards common ground.

Save Money

Through financing expertise, facilities modernization, and infrastructure improvements, we help generate savings to fund services for your citizens.

Capture Funding

With a large network of grant specialists and resourceful whole systems thinkers, capturing funding becomes less daunting.

Spur Economic Growth

By converting energy savings into retail activity and leveraging the local workforce, our programs attract new enterprise and scale local business to build prosperity within your community.